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Art Pashmina Imagine YouCanImagineToo


Handprinted on 100% silk

Mega size: 140 x 220 cm
Prize: (excl. delievery) € 98,00


To buy – mail to tingsting.com@gmail.com


YouCanImagineToo by Imagine

Who do not want to cover their body in the beautiful words: You Can Imagune Too 

…  especially when they are printed on the fines silk you can dream of.


Fine silk hand loomed in mega size – and handprinted with Imagine’s YouCanImagineToo  art – the perfect summer shawl.

The light silk,  mega size make and beautiful street art make it a hit: in the city, or on the beach wrapped around you as a sarong or dress – or as the most outstanding all year decoration of your wall.

To buy a mega shawl – mail to tingsting.com@gmail.com

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