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Mega Diamond Flakes – Edge

p Mega diamond flakes edge 3
mega diamond flakes edge 3 colors
p mega diamond flakes edge light grey on white

Material: 100% silk & cashmere

The lightest you can get in a range of light grey, light beige or black edge on white, and a darker grey edge on a white/light blue or light grey base.

Size: 200 x140 cm
Price: € 168,001250,- DKK


Flakes is about the lightest you can get

Super soft and light as a snow flake. We use the finest silk on the warp and weave with the thinnest cashmere on the handloom.

We have made these shawls in Mega size – so you’ll get a super light giant shawl – or blanket – perfect for a chilly summer night, a blanket for travelers spending time in a/c flights, trains and/or airports, or wherever you want to cover yourself.

It’s so thin and light that you can easily wrap it around your neck as a scarf or wear it as a stole at a party.

We have made two different designs: one is tone-in-tone, the other with an edge in a darker color.

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