NEW: Customize your own Cardigan

Annette is mad about buttons.

10 minutes down the hill from Tings Lisbon you find a very special street Rua da Conceiçaohas – Lisbon’s street of haberdashery where dressmakers (and Annette) for the past many decades have gone hunting for rare buttons, skeins of wool or sequins.

The other day she returned home from there after several hours button hunting with bags worth a fortune of buttons.

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What on earth are you going to do with all these buttons? I just didn’t get it

It’s for our Christmas Sales.People have to order size and color and decide whether they want their cardigan in a  light ‘winter cashmere’ or in a superlight ‘summer cashmere’ -but what makes the big difference is the buttons. And I have managed to find some amazing one! All of them in mother-of-pearl.

It makes sense – so now you can custom make your own Cardigan. Funky Colorful Buttons for a funky cardigan, romantic with chased patterns or stylish ones for a business model 🙂

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