NEW: Shirts in Raw Silk

Thomas needs a black shirt

He is pretty straight forward with his clothes. He prefers Jeans and T-Shirts. Or a basic shirt… BUT only if its expensive and the best quality.

What happened to all my shirts?

Thomas hates shopping and had run out of shirts. So I made one for him – and one for ,myself as well 🙂

How 80ies!

our friend Morten said when we asked him about his opinion,

But somehow cool 🙂

Annette 🙂


Our new shirts – by order only!

The shirts are made in a light raw silk with ‘shoulder lining’ in silk satin.

The female version is loose in fit and with 3/4 sleeves, the male version more ‘formal’ with turn down collar.

Both available in 2 sizes.

By order only

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