NEW: Twisted Classics

What is a cardigan?

I didn’t know

Yesterday Annette showed me one of her new creations for the upcoming PopUp sales in Copenhagen. A super cool Black Sweater with funny colored buttons to close the open front.

It’s a cardigan she said, when I asked her.

A Cardigan – never heard about it ???

Anyhow, every year Annette makes something new for Christmas. Something that she wants for herself – and believes other would like as well or use as a present. And most of the times by order only.

This year it’s not a Sweater, but a classic black cashmere cardigan – with a twist: buttons in different shapes and colours.

The cardigans are available in 3 sizes and in and in a light ‘winter cashmere’ (shown on the picture) or in a superlight ‘summer cashmere’.