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Cashmere or Pashmina? Don’t worry. It´s the same

By #Tingstrup

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The cashmere market is a jungle

Hand spun

or – as we call it in Kathmandu – the pashmina market.

You find products in innumerable qualities, designs and prices. The problem is that you never know what you get. Names like Yak wool, water pashmina etc mostly cover over acrylic, polyester etc. And a lot of the products you get in Europe called cashmere is actually softened wool.

It’s very soft, but doesn’t have the qualities of cashmere: light, flexible and warm at the same time.

… and hand woven

Good quality products are out there. But it can be difficult to find if you are not an expert

Annette has spend years in Kathmandu looking for good quality cashmere and designs she likes.

She has found a lot, but didn’t find quite what she was dreaming of.

Instead of keeping on searching she decided to make her own cashmere designs in high quality cashmere – playing with weavings, knit, prints and colors, making things she wants herself, in the quality she feels comfortable with.

Her first collection was ready in 2012 – and since the new designs have been added every year. Designs she has finished without giving the retail price a single thought.

It’s not that price doesn’t matter – it does!

But the constant focus on price/costs always ends up with a lot of compromises which result in products that are not what you dreamed of in the beginning. Actually this is the philosophy that Tings is based on – it’s about attitude! Doing it as you want to do it!

Annette’s shawls and scarves are all made of high quality cashmere most of them combined with silk.

And she is playing with colors, contrasts and character – just like she has done (and keep doing) in the lounge and all the rooms at Tings.


If you like Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel – or Tings Lisbon – you will like our designs.

As all the other things we get involved in, we know that a lot of people don’t like what we do. But those who do, will find designs that they’ll never find anywhere else – and at prices that are very good for the quality.

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