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Kalika’s Ring: One Ring – Many Facets

By #Tingstrup

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The story behind Kalika’sring:

Kalika saw Annette’s own ring for the second time when we had a drink at Café Vista in Yangon … the best rooftop terrace for Shwedagon views.

The beautiful golden stupa was right in front of us and the beams reflected in the Sapphires – like small instant blessings.

The stupa inspired Annette:

I’ve finally found a way to make golden rings and keep the price down. I just gild the silver rings – she told Kalika next time they met.

Fantastic!  Kalika said  Then I can get the one I’ve been dreaming about it since the first time I saw your ring. Silver doesn’t become me.

Back in Kathmandu Annette started working on Kalika’s ring.

Kalika had no special wishes for the stones, she wanted Annette to choose for her.

It was difficult. Kalika is blond and sparkling, So Annette felt that Diamonds and Blue Sapphires – in different shapes and sizes – would be the right for her.

And then – to give the twist and add the boldness Kalika also possess – square Green Emeralds.

The Green Emeralds was the difficult part. They were very far from the ring Kalika fell in love with. But Annette felt it was right.

3 weeks later when we met in Bangkok, Annette showed Kalika the ring – and all it\’s possibilities to fit her mood, her dress, her drink or…?

And how to move the rings around so the 3 green Emeralds changed from top to bottom in an instant….

Or use them two rings at a time like this…

Kalika collected the ring and put it back on her finger with a happy smile on her face. I love those green emeralds – she said – when you asked me about the stones, I wanted to say green, but felt it was better to leave it to you…

What Kalika didn’t know was that Annette had an emergency plan. In case Kalika didn’t like the Green and was missing the Pink, she would have changed the Emeralds with a pink tear shaped Ruby. And the ring would have had a completely different dimension.

Maybe if she sees these pictures, she wants the ruby rings as well…

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