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Tings Ting launch the ultimate pashminas

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The market for the ultimate cashmere products at Tings Ting.

If you use the best-of-the-best quality, make the biggest sizes possible, use the best factories etc you’ll always end up with prices only a few can afford. And the production costs alone keep most people for trying.

So the world never gets a chanc to see, feel and – for those who can afford it – buy the ultimative cashmere.

But what if you enter the Art Market?

What if you make unique pieces of cashmere art?

Usually artist print on high quality paper. How will the art look if you instead print on cashmere?

Usually the structure in the paper ads something to the art. How will art printed on cashmere look?

Those were the questions we asked ourselves. And our curiosity behind these questions was the driving force behind the Art Pashmina Project. WE HAD TO THE PRODUCTS!

Since our arrival to Nepal we have tried to show new ways of working with Nepali handicraft.


Because we love a lot of the things we see and because we sometimes see possibilities others don’t. Or if they do – they haven’t got the possibilities of making.

Art Pashmina is our latest experiment. An exclusive and very limited collection of the ultimate pashminas made from the finest of the finest hand woven silk Nepal can come up with in a size nobody makes.

So this is what we have done.

We have added unique art to these unique shawls.

So far we have worked with three artists. Chriestian Lemmerz, POZE aka Yann Chatelin and Imagine aka Sneha Shresta.

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