By personal order only.

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

Estimated Prize – Silver (12.2013)
350 USD/2,700,- DKR incl. vat excl. delivery



A square pink sapphire,  round, dark, pink rubies and a mix of shapes and shades of pink sapphires on silver


The story behind the ring:

Catherine is one of our ‘regulars’ – a part of the Tings family. When she saw Annette’s First ring she immediately ordered one for her daughter Thalia.

Her brief was simple:

  1. No Blue Stones! and.
  2. I need it before I return to France.

Fortunately Annette had a collection of Pink Rubies and Sapphires in different sizes and shapes she could play with.

The two most harmonious rings of the three I made for Thalia consists of small round and square stones. If you wear them together they make a perfect inharmonious harmony.

And if you wear the ‘bottom’ ring alone you get a simple, beautiful and very minimalistic. Isn’t it fantastic? 


The third ring Annette made is wild. She calls The Joker.

The Three Pink Sapphires – two drops and one pentagon adds a roughness to the ring without overdoing it. I like that! And she what appen’s when you place it in the middle… or below?


It was hard to wait for Thalia’s commetnts. Catherine keep it for her birthday, so we had to wait some months.

A few days after Thali got it Annette got a mail from Catherine

She is over the moon’ – and the ring sure looks beautiful on her finger!


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