Black Rose is part of Christian Lemmerz’ Flower Trilogy

This is a combination of the best – beautiful art and thin, fine cashmere is woven with the thicker hand spun cashmere in a light weave.

The cashmere in itself is a beautiful piece – super light and warm at the same time – and with the most fantastic structure, due to the natural variation in the hands spun yarn.  The most fantastic base for a piece of art.

Christian Lemmerz’ Black Rose handprinted on the cashmere gives you a piece of art you can use as a huge shawl or blanket, decorate your sofa or hang it on your wall – a few pins are enough to carry its weight.


The collection is very limited.

Each of the 3 works is made in 5 pieces only and sold through & Gallery Claus Christensen.

To buy – mail to – or visit Gallery Claus Christensen at Møntergade 10, 1116 København K.



100% cashmere, hand spun

Mega: 140 x 230 cm

PRICE per artwork (excl. delivery)

9,375,- DKR (incl. VAT)


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