100% silk & cashmere

225 x 140 cm

PRICE (excl. delivery)

DKR 1.098,- (incl. VAT)

Available in: Old Silver, Midnight Blue, Indigo, Ice Blue, Spring, Dark Olive, Turquoise, Pink Rose, Mandarin, Sweet Chilly, Chocolate and Dusty Brown

To order: Please send a mail to

Flakes is about the lightest you can get – super soft, transparent and light as a snow flake.

The loose trend made from the finest silk gives structure to the surface when woven with the finest and thinnest cashmere on a hand loom.

The combination of two colors – or rather two shades from the same color – as black is mixed into the color in half of the shawl gives the unique contrast and character – and the name DUO.

We have made this on in Mega size – 225 x 140 cm. The result is a super light giant shawl – or blanket – perfect for a chilly summer night, a blanket for travelers spending time in a/c flights, trains and/or airports or wherever you want to cover yourself.

It’s so thin and light that you can easily wrap it around your neck as a scarf or wear it as a stole at a party.

Due to the lightness and combination of silk and cashmere, it’s never too warm or cold.

I cannot travel without mine.


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