100% silk & cashmere

220 x 140 cm

PRICE  1.098,- DKR (incl. VAT, excl. delivery)

Available in shade-in-shade colour combinations:

Silver, Midnight blue, Dusty brown, Sark olive, Chilly red and Pink rose on a black trend and

Silver, Midnight blue, Indigo and Spring/grey on white trend.

To order – mail to

Flakes is about the lightest you can get – super soft and light as a snow flake.

For Diamond Flakes we use the finest silk on the warp and weave the thinnest cashmere in a diamond pattern on the hand loom.

For the winter season we have chosen 6 different shade-in-shade colour combinations: grey, blue, brown, dark olive, chilly red and pink rose on a black trend.

The diamonds stand out mostly with the lighter and stronger colors, while they are more subtle on the parts in darker colors.

We have made this shawl in Mega size – 220+ x 140 cm. The result is a super light giant shawl – or blanket – perfect for a chilly summer night, a blanket for travelers spending time in a/c flights, trains and/or airports or wherever you want to cover yourself.

It’s so thin and light that you can easily wrap it around your neck as a scarf or wear it as a stole at a party.

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