100% cashmere & silk

90 x 200 cm

PRICE (excl. delivery)

DKR 1.248,- (incl. VAT)

Available in Dark Silver, Midnight Blue, Dusty Brown – on black.

With Jacquard-weaving you can create a pattern without printing – and without differentiating the colours – the pattern emerges just by the shades of the different levels in the weave.

We have made our own pattern – inspired by mosaics and sand stone carvings from temples and palaces we have admired on our travels around the world.

For the Jacquard Shawl we have used a silk trend, tight woven on a hand loom with cashmere – the mix of materials giving extra effect to the pattern.

To add some extra live and character we have made one stripe of the pattern in a different color.

This shawl is light, warm and super elegant.

Perfect to stay warm with style.


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