100% cashmere & hand spun cashmere

Shawl: 70 x 200 cm

PRICE (excl. delivery)

DKR 1.298,- (incl. VAT)

Available in: Natural White with black and red handprinted mantra

The Pani mantra – om benza pani hum – is the tantric mantra of protection and considered to overcome inner and outer obstacles. The mantra is best worn above the waistline and often used as a tattoo.

We have chosen to print it on the finest cashmere instead – thin, fine cashmere is hand loomed with a hand spun cashmere in a light weave.

It is light and warm and gives you a special protection whether you wear it as a huge scarf or reveal some more of the beautiful mantra by using it as a shawl and warm more of your body.


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