Silver and precious stones

By personal order only

Delivery time 3-4 weeks

Personal ring (3 rings)  300 usd/1950,- dkr incl. vat excl. delivery

Extra ring: 130 usd / 845,- dkr incl. vat excl. delivery

Young girls ring (2 rings): 230 usd/ 1495,- dkr incl. vat excl. delivery

To order – please send a mail to


The personal silver rings are made in highest grade of silver (even finer than sterling: 98 where sterling is 92) – and precious stones – diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds – hand picked in Burma and designed to fit the pesonality of the women to wear them. A few big semi precious stones like diopsides and zircons can



Tings Personal Rings

–      are handmade and rough in style

–      are made in silver – with shiny surface or gold plated

–      are mixing different kinds of precious stones

–      always* consist of 3 rings, each of them neither aligned nor symmetrical

–      are designed to fit the personality of the women to wear them

–      can be combined in countless ways – or be used alone – according to the mood, the style or the dress

–      two of the rings forms an inharmonious harmony  – no matter how they are combined.

–      the third ring is a joker – adding an unexpected twist, changing the mood completely.

*For young girls 3 rings can be too excessive so we make a light version using only 2 rings.


Precious stones from Myanmar combined with traditional craftsmanship from Nepal designed with love and dedication by TINGS ting.

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