100% silk & cashmere

170 x 70 cm

PRICE  (excl. delivery)

499,- DKR (incl. VAT)

Available in: Silver, Blue, Brown, Dark Olive, Pink/Burgundy on black and spring/grey, grey, blue, light blue on white.

To order – mail to tingsting.com@gmail.com

Flakes is about the lightest you can get – super soft and light as a snow flake.

For Diamond Flakes we use the finest silk on the warp and weave the thinnest cashmere is in a diamond pattern on the handloom.

For the winter season we have chosen 6 different shade in shade color combinations: grey, blue, brown, dark olive and then pink rose combined with burgundy. All on a black trend.

The diamonds stand out mostly with the lighter and stronger colors, while they are more subtle on the parts in darker colors.

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